The Department of Entomology has a new degree program that allows students to obtain both a BS and MS degrees through an integrated 5-year plan of study. This program prepares students for careers that require knowledge of entomology and for pursuing subsequent medical or doctoral degrees. The Combined B.S.+M.S. Program is open to UCR Entomology undergraduates only.

Qualified students can earn the MS degree 3 quarters after the receipt of the BS degree. Students enrolled in this program receive an advanced research experience by completing at least six contiguous quarters of biological research in one of the excellent research labs at UCR. In addition, the Entomology B.S.+M.S. students complete 12 units of graduate-level courses in Entomology, EEOB, or other disciplines related to their thesis project under the supervision of an Entomology faculty or cooperating faculty member. Students complete their degree requirements by writing and defending a Master's thesis.
Please be sure to review all of the information on the Information for Prospective B.S.+M.S. Students page. Interested students should contact the Entomology Faculty Undergraduate Advisor before the end of their junior year for additional details. Students in the B.S.+M.S. program should check out the Current Students page for updates and important deadlines.
What's New?
Have questions about the new program? Please contact the B.S.+M.S. Program Faculty Advisor, Dr. Erin Wilson Rankin ( Please see the department website for a full list of Entomology faculty and the updated list of Labs interested in B.S.+M.S. students.