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The Department of Entomology offers undergraduate programs leading to either the B.S. or the B.A. degree. The B.S. degree offers students with a strong interest in the natural sciences an opportunity to emphasize this aspect of their education. The B.A. degree is available to students who wish to obtain a broader background in the humanities and social sciences than is required of students in the B.S. program. 
Information on the programs and course requirements is available at CNAS Academic Advising Center, 1223 Pierce Hall. Counseling, course recommendations, and information on education and career goals are provided by the Undergraduate Faculty Advisors.

Undergraduate Studies Information

  • University Requirements

    General University requirements are University-wide requirements which all undergraduates must satisfy. See the Undergraduate Studies section of the University General Catalog for a complete description.

  • College Requirements

    See College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, in Colleges and Academic Programs section of the University General Catalog. Some of the following requirements for the major may also fulfill some of the college’s breadth requirements. Consult with an academic advisor for course planning.

  • Major Requirements

    The major requirements for both the B.A. and the B.S. degrees in Entomology are as follows: 

    1. Lower-division requirements (59 units) 
    a) BIOL 005A, BIOL 05LA or BIOL 020, BIOL 005B, BIOL 005C 
    b) PHYS 002A, PHYS 002B, PHYS 002C, PHYS 02LA, PHYS 02LB, PHYS 02LC 
    c) MATH 007A or MATH 009A, MATH 007B or MATH 009B 
    d) CHEM 001A, CHEM 001B, CHEM 001C, CHEM 01LA, CHEM 01LB, CHEM 01LC, CHEM 008A or CHEM 08HA, CHEM 008B or CHEM 08HB, CHEM 008C or CHEM 08HC, CHEM 08LA or CHEM 8HLA, CHEM 08LB or CHEM 8HLB, CHEM 08LC or CHEM 8HLC. 

    2. Upper-division requirements (51 units) 
    a) ENTM 100/BIOL 100, ENTM 107, ENTM 173/BIOL 173, ENTM 180, and 4 units in any combination of ENTM 190, ENTM 197, ENTM 199, or ENTM 199H 
    b) Sixteen (16) additional units of entomology electives, which may include up to 2 additional units of ENTM 190, ENTM 197, ENTM 199 or ENTM 199H 
    c) BCH 100 
    d) BIOL 102 
    e) BIOL 107A 
    f) STAT 100A 

    BIOL 151 and BIOL 175 are suggested in order to acquire a background in the life sciences appropriate for an Entomology major. 

    For students intending to specialize at the graduate level in insect toxicology or insect physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, it is recommended that the BCH 110A, BCH 110B, and BCH 110C sequence and BCH 102 be substituted in place of an equal number of upper-division course units in life sciences. Due to course content overlap, credit is not awarded for BCH 110A, BCH 110B, or BCH 110C if it has already been awarded for BCH 100

  • Minor Requirements

    The Department of Entomology offers a minor in Entomology designed to allow the student the freedom to pursue areas of particular interest. 

    The minor consists of no less than 20 and no more than 28 units of Entomology courses to be selected as follows: 

    1. ENTM 100/BIOL 100. 
    2. Select from the following upper-division Entomology courses to complete unit requirement: ENTM 106, ENTM 107, ENTM 109, ENTM 112/BIOL 112/BPSC 112, ENTM 114, ENTM 124, ENTM 125, ENTM 126, ENTM 127/BIOL 127, ENTM 129, ENTM 129L, ENTM 133, ENTM 154, ENTM 154L, ENTM 162/BIOL 162, ENTM 173/ BIOL 173, ENTM 180, ENTM 190, ENTM 197, ENTM 199, ENTM 199H. 
    3. No more than 4 units of ENTM 190, ENTM 197, ENTM 199, or ENTM 199H, either solely or in combination, may be applied toward the unit requirement. 
    4. Of the specified upper-division units, a minimum of 16 must be unique to the minor and may not be used to satisfy major requirements. 

    See Minors under the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences in the Colleges and Academic Programs section of the University General Catalog for additional information on minors.

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities

    Four units of research credit are required for entomology majors.

    Contact your faculty undergraduate advisors to find our various research areas and opportunities in entomology. For general information on undergraduate research at UCR, visit

  • ENTM Research Form
  • Combined B.S.+M.S. Program in Entomology

    The Department of Entomology has a new degree program that allows students to obtain both a BS and MS degrees through an integrated 5-year plan of study. This program prepares students for careers that require knowledge of entomology and for pursuing subsequent medical or doctoral degrees. The Combined B.S.+M.S. Program is open to UCR Entomology undergraduates only.


  • Recruitment Information
  • Advancing Inclusivity in Entomology Scholarship

    The Department of Entomology recognizes that there are marginalized groups that face systemic barriers throughout their academic journeys. Many students from these groups are excluded from research opportunities because they have to simultaneously balance their academic workload while supporting themselves and their families financially. This endowed fund will support entomology undergraduate students who experience social, cultural, and financial barriers and allow them to conduct research in a lab without worrying about financial commitments.

    Click for information: Advancing Inclusivity in Entomology Scholarship

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