This is a list of labs whose faculty have identified projects for B.S.+M.S. students and are recruiting for ENTM 199 students. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and you should contact any faculty whose lab conducts research of interest to you. Please see the department website for a full list of Entomology faculty (

Labs with ENTM 199 availability

PI and contact information Brief description of open project(s) Requirements and prerequisites
Dr. Rick Redak ( Plant-insect interactions  
Dr. Kerry Mauck ( Insect transmission of plant pathogens
Insect behavior
Chemical ecology
Virus ecology
Integrated pest management
An interest in insect vectors of plant viruses
Dr. Boris Bar (

Reproductive physiology of honeybees

Sperm competition between European and Africanized honey bees

Dr. Erin Wilson Rankin (

Interactions among insect and avian pollinators

Impact of invasive species on local food webs


Effect of competition with non-native species on ecosystem services

Interest in pollinator ecology, pollination, ability to work with stinging insects

Basic experience with pipetting and familiarity with DNA extraction and PCR


Interest in invasion ecology, conducting field observations

Dr. Monique Rivera (

Integrated management of agricultural pests in citrus and subtropical crops


Dr. Jessica Purcell (

Environmental influences on soil movement and nest architecture of ants


The genetic basis of evolutionary transitions in social organization

We require this student to be able to lift heavy objects (a five-gallon bucket of soil) and to be reliable. Students should have excellent communication skills, be comfortable working independently once trained and established routines, and have the ability to accurately record data.


Attention to detail, reliability, interest in laboratory work and/or bioinformatics (no heavy lifting required)

Dr. Chow-Yang Lee ( Is insecticide avoidance behavior associated with physiological resistance in the German cockroach, Blattella
 - a re-examination of a 35-year inconclusive research
The student who will be taking this project must be passionate enough to work with cockroaches and enjoy spending time observing the cute insects
Dr. Ring Carde ( Orientation of female mosquitoes to human odors  
Dr. Matt Daugherty (

Geospatial analysis of arthropod invasions

Impacts of an invasive annual plant on an arthropod assemblage

Dr. John Heraty ( Systematics of parasitoid wasps, with an emphasis on Chalcidoidea

Demonstrated passion for collecting, sorting and identifying insects.

Prerequisites include any of ENTM 107, ENTM 109 or (BIOL/ ENTM 112)