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Insect Identification of agricultural, landscape, legal, medical, and structural importance (including information on native and exotic pests). Fees are generally based on hourly rates (sometimes by species), with applicable rates to be determined on a case-by-case basis, as categorized below, and are subject to change.

Rapid Common Insect Identification for kids and other curious minds (What's in my back yard?) that do not require significant time or effort by the museum scientists are generally free of charge.

Medical & Forensic Identification is for submission of samples by medical or forensic personnel ONLY. Please be aware that we do not  accept samples submitted by private individuals in cases involving biting/crawling sensations on the skin. Individuals wishing to submit samples MUST have the samples collected by, and submitted by, their physician.

Use of Special Collections to prepare for the permitting exams administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. A "bench" fee applies (below).

Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony services are available if applicable and within our scope of expertise. Fees for these services are also listed below.


FEE SCHEDULE for the services rendered by the Entomology Research Museum staff.

Insect Identification (minimum charge: 1 hour):

Homeowners/general public: routine (1-2 weeks) $24.80
urgent (48 hours or less) $49.60

Commercial: routine (1-2 weeks) $74.40
urgent (48 hours or less) $148.80

Medical/forensic (see above): routine (1-2 weeks) $148.80
urgent (48 hours or less) $297.60

Use of Special Collections:

(annual "bench" fee to prepare for the permitting exams administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service):

one species $297.60 per year/person
more than one species $496.00 per year/person

Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony:

Consulting, general hourly rate (excluding mileage and travel time) $297.60

Expert witness hourly rate (excluding mileage and travel time) $341.00
Travel time $62.00/hour
Mileage Current rate applies

All insect identifications and diagnostic services, including those submitted electronically, are subject to the fee schedule above and to the terms and conditions described below.  Fees should be paid by check or money order payable to "UC Regents", with the "Memo" portion indicating "For ID services, UCR Entomology Museum." If you intend to submit a non-medical specimen for identification, please print out and complete the Insect Identification Request Form and then mail the form and specimen(s) with included  payment to the address on the form (we reserve the right to refuse to examine specimens or samples sent to us without payment, or packaged improperly, and not return them). Requests that do not involve physical examination of specimens can be submitted electronically to our museum scientists at


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