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Departmental Funds Seeking Support

The following are endowed funds, meaning that donations are invested by the UCR Foundation, allowing the body or corpus of the fund to grow while the department uses only the interest generated by the corpus. This is an excellent way to donate if your intent is to provide a long-term benefit. If, however, you wish to donate so the department can use your entire gift immediately, or if you wish to discuss your unique giving preferences, contact the department Chair, Richard Redak, by email at or by phone at (951) 827-7250.

Click on any fund to learn more about it or to support it.

UCR's Entomology Department thrives, in part, because of generous gifts made by its many supportive alumni and friends. These gifts supplement state and federal funds to enhance the training of graduate and undergraduate students and postgraduate researchers, and they are also used to invite preeminent speakers to the Department's seminar series.

Ways to Make a Donation:

By Credit Card 

Click here to access UCR's secure website. Please enter "Entomology" in the search bar  to donate directly to our department.

By Check

Make checks payable to the UC Riverside Foundation, note the fund to which the donation should be made, and mail to:

UCR Foundation
PO Box 112
Riverside, CA 92502-0112

General Campus Giving

visit: Giving to UCR to make a general contribution to the campus.

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