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Card Payment Matrix

Please refer to this link when you are not sure what can and can't be purchased with the Travel & Entertainment Card (T&E) as well as the ProCard (PCard).
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Declaration of Missing Evidence (DME)

Instructions: Use this form if you have lost or missing receipts and are claiming reimbursement
iPhone mobile Concur guide     Android Mobile Concur Guide
Concur has a free mobile app that allows you to upload expenses and work on your Expense Report while Traveling. The app makes taking pictures of your receipts and adding them onto your expense report a breeze. Click here for more information. 

Per the University of California Office of the President:

It is the responsibility of the traveler to understand which expenses can be reimbursed according to the University of California Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Policy and Regulations Governing Travel and U.S. Government regulations, and to report his or her actual travel expenses in a timely and ethical manner.
Each campus Controller's Office provides oversight of which travel expenses are allowable on their campus.
G-28 Travel Policy


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