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Thomas Perring

Thomas Perring

Professor of Entomology

BS Wildlife Ecology 1978

Oklahoma State University

MS Entomology 1980

Texas Tech University

PhD Entomology 1983

University of Nebraska

Research Areas

Biology, ecology, and control of agriculturally-important arthropods. Integrated pest management. Epidemiology of arthropod-vectored plant pathogens.

Contact Information
Entomology Bldg. 225
(951) 827-4562

My research group conducts basic and applied research aimed at developing environmentally and economically sustainable Integrated Pest Management programs.  Currently the lab is studying the biology, ecology, and management of the carob moth, a key pest of ripening date fruit.  This research is centered on elucidating the seasonal life cycle of moths on dates, the impact of currently used pesticides, the natural enemy complex that exists in the date garden, and mating disruption with a pheromone mimic.  We also are studying the management of the date mite using biological and chemical control methods integrated with new sampling strategies.  Additionally we are conducting research on the newly introduced Bagrada bug, which is causing devastating losses to vegetable growers in the desert regions of southern California and Arizona.  We have studied the host range of this pest and are beginning to look at the seasonal biology and temperature-related developmental rate.  Finally, we continue studies on the epidemiology of arthropod-borne plant pathogens and are studying sharpshooter-vectored Xylella fastidiosa, the causal agent of Pierce’s disease of grapevines.

Awards Received

2006 – Innovative Teaching Award,UCR

2002 – Distinguished Teaching Award, Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America 
1992 - 1993 - President, UCR Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta 
1992 – Featured Lecturer, UCR Chapter of Sigma Xi


Have published 119 refereed publications and book chapters

Daugherty, M.P., Rashed, A., Almeida, R., Perring, T.M. 2011. Vector preference for hosts differing in infection status: sharpshooter movement and Xyllela fastidiosa transmission. Ecological Entomology.  36: 654-662.

Park, Y.L., Perring, T.M., Krell, R.K., Hashim-Buckey, J.M., Hill, B. 2011. Spatial distribution of Pierce’s disease related to incidence, vineyard characteristics and surrounding land use. Journal of Enology and Viticulture.  62: 229-238. 

Walker, G.P., Perring, T., Freeman, T.P. 2010. Life History, Functional Anatomy, Feeding and Mating Behavior.  P. 109-160 in Bemisia: Bionomics and management of a global pest.    P.A. Stansly and S.E. Naranjo (eds). Springer Science, New York.

Puthoff, D.P., Holzer, F.M., Perring, T.M., Walling, L. 2010.  Tomato pathogenesis-related protein genes are expressed in response to Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabacibiotype B feeding. J. Chem. Ecol. 36: 1271-1285.

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Royalty, R. N. and T. M. Perring. 1989. Reduction in Photosynthesis of Tomato Leaflets Caused by Tomato Russet Mite (Acari: Eriophyidae). Environ. Entomol. 18: 256-260.

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