College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Sam Wilson

Sam Houston Wilson


BA Development Studies 2005, University of California, Berkeley

PhD Environmental Science, Policy and Management 2014, University of California, Berkeley

Research Areas

Agricultural entomology, biological control and integrated pest management (IPM) in tree crops

Contact Information
Kearney Ag. Ctr., 9240 S. Riverbend Parlier, CA 93648
(559) 646-6519

Research specialization – integrated pest management in tree nuts and stone fruit. As an agricultural entomologist, I conduct research to reduce the impacts of insect and mite pests on California tree crops. My approach is rooted in the fundamentals of agricultural ecology and integrated pest management (IPM). I aim to develop practical and cost-effective pest management strategies for growers by leveraging our scientific understanding of the interactions between crops, organisms, and the environment.

I’m particularly interested in the development and evaluation of biological control strategies with an emphasis on plant-insect interactions, landscape ecology, insect movement, and regional population dynamics. Some of my other projects involve the use of pheromones and plant volatiles to improve pest trapping and mating disruption, as well as work with chemical controls, where my goal is to design programs that minimize the human and environmental impacts of insecticide use in agriculture.

My research programs all utilize a combination of field, greenhouse and laboratory studies to evaluate the underlying mechanisms that drive on-farm or regional processes in order to improve our understanding of crop pests and pathogens. Collaboration with commercial growers and commodity groups, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) advisors and the UC Statewide IPM Program is paramount in all of my programs. Their input and support helps me to pursue the most relevant research questions and ultimately develop better management strategies. In a similar way, involvement of other UCCE specialists and university scientists is important to address problems that are cross-disciplinary in nature.

Awards Received

2017 California Department of Pesticide Regulation – IPM Achievement Award


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