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Paul Nabity

Paul Nabity

Assistant Professor of Plant-Insect Ecology and Cooperative Faculty Memeber

Education & Training
USDA-NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Biology

Master of Science in Entomology

Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources

Research Areas

Plant-insect ecology, evolution, and comparative genomics

Contact Information
(951) 827-3927

I am interested in how arthropods alter the phenotype of their plant hosts and why these changes may be adaptive for either plant or insect (or both!). I focus on the genetic and physiological mechanisms in both plants and insects that interact to alter plant metabolism and morphology.

Zhao C, Nabity PD. 2017. Phylloxerids share ancestral carotenoid biosynthesis genes of fungal origin with aphids and adelgids. PLoS One
Zhao C, Nabity PD. 2017. Plant manipulation through gall formation constrains amino acid transporter evolution in sap-feeding insects. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 17:153 DOI:10.1186/s12862-017-1000-5 PDF

​Rafferty NE*, Nabity PD*. 2017. A global test for phylogenetic signal in shifts in flowering time under climate change. Journal of Ecology. 105:627-633 DOI10.1111/1365-2745.12701 (Cover Photo: right) PDF Editors Choice 
Nabity PD. 2016. Insect-induced plant phenotypes: revealing mechanisms through comparative genomics of galling insects and their hosts. American Journal of Botany 103:979-981 PDF

Before 2015
Nabity PD, MJ Haus, MR Berenbaum, EH DeLucia. 2013. Leaf-galling phylloxera on grapes reprogram host metabolism and morphology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110:16663-8. PDF

Nabity PD, JA Zavala, EH DeLucia. 2013. Herbivore induction of jasmonic acid and chemical defenses reduces photosynthesis in Nicotiana attenuata. Journal of Experimental Botany 64:685-694. PDF

Zavala JA, PD Nabity, EH DeLucia. 2013. An emerging understanding of mechanisms governing insect herbivory under elevated CO2. Annual Review of Entomology 58:79-9717. PDF

Zangerl AR, S Miresmailli, PD Nabity, A Lawrence, A Yanahan, CA Mitchell, KJ Anderson-Teixeira, MB David, MR Berenbaum, EH DeLucia. 2012. Role of arthropod communities in biofuel crop litter decomposition. Journal of Insect Science. DOI:10.1111/j.1744-7917.2012.01532.x PDF

DeLucia EH, PD Nabity, JA Zavala, MR Berenbaum. 2012. Climate change: resetting plant insect interactions. Plant Physiology 160:1677-1685. PDF

PictureDonovan presenting his research at ESA 2011 in Austin!

​Donovan MD, PD Nabity EH DeLucia. 2012. Salicylic acid mediated reductions in yield in Nicotiana attenuata challenged by aphid herbivory. Arthropod Plant Interactions 7:45-52. PDF

Nabity PD, S Miresmailli, R Orpet, MR Berenbaum, EH DeLucia. 2012. Silica and nitrogen modulate physical defense against chewing insect herbivores in bioenergy crops Miscanthus × giganteus and Panicum virgatum (Poaceae). Journal of Economic Entomology 105:878-883. PDF

Nabity PD, ML Hillstrom, RL Lindroth, EH DeLucia. 2012. Elevated CO2 interacts with herbivory to alter chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf temperature in Betula papyrifera and Populus tremuloides. Oecologia 169:905-913. PDF

Nabity PD, AR Zangerl, MR Berenbaum, EH DeLucia. 2011.Bioenergy crops Miscanthus × giganteus and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) reduce growth and survivorship of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Journal of Economic Entomology 104:459-464. PDF

Before 2010
De Freitas Bueno A, de Freitas Bueno RC, PD Nabity, LG Higley, OA Fernandes. 2009. Photosynthetic response of soybean to two-spotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychydae) injury. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology 52:825-834. PDF

Zavala JA, CL Casteel, PD Nabity, MR Berenbaum, EH DeLucia. 2009. Role of cysteine proteinase inhibitors in preference of Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) for soybean (Glycine max) leaves of different ages and grown under elevated CO2. Oecologia 161:1432-1439. PDF

​Nabity PD, JA Zavala, EH DeLucia. 2009. Indirect effects of arthropod herbivory on leaf-level photosynthesis. Annals of Botany 103:655–663 (Cover photo: right). PDF

DeLucia EH, CL Casteel, PD Nabity, BF O’Neill. 2008. Insects take a bigger bite out of plants in a warmer, higher carbon dioxide world. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105:1781-1782. PDF

Spomer SM, PD Nabity, ML Brust. 2008. Larval description of Cicindela (Dromochoruspruinina (Casey) (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae) with notes on habitat and adult behavior Coleopterists’ Bulletin 62:37-41. PDF

Nabity PD, LG Higley, TM Heng-Moss. 2007. Light-induced variability in development of forensically important blow fly, Phormia regina (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Journal of Medical Entomology 44:351–358. PDF

Nabity PD, LG Higley, TM Heng-Moss. 2006. Effects of temperature on development of Phormia regina and use of development data in determining time intervals in forensic entomology. Journal of Medical Entomology 43:1276–1286. PDF

Nabity PD, TM Heng-Moss, LG Higley. 2006. Effects of insect herbivory on physiological and biochemical (oxidative enzyme) responses of the halophyte Atriplex subspicata (Chenopodiaceae). Environmental Entomology 35:1677–1689. PDF

Nabity PD, KD Hoagland. 2006. Seedbank viability of potential saline wetland restoration sites in agro-ecosystems. Great Plains Res 16:173–180.
Brust ML, WW Hoback, SM Spomer, WJ Allgeier, PD Nabity. 2005. New county records for Nebraska tiger beetles. Cicindela 37:37–58.

Spomer, SM, WJ Allgeier, PD Nabity. 2004. A fall collecting trip to southwestern and western Nebraska and a new state record for Cicindela decemnotata. Cicindela 36:57–59.

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