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Naoki Yamanaka

Naoki Yamanaka

Assistant Professor of Entomolgy

Mar 2007, Ph.D. (Biological Science), University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Mar 2002, B.S. (Agriculture), University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Research Areas

Neuroendocrine control of insect developmental transitions

Contact Information
Genomics Bldg. 2202B
(951) 827-5253

Our lab is focused on identifying and characterizing neuroendocrine signaling pathways that regulate physiological and behavioral changes during insect development. Similar to humans, where physical and mental development during juvenile stage (puberty) is controlled by the neuroendocrine system, insects also have a sophisticated hormone signaling network that regulates their developmental transitions. Mainly by using fruit fly molecular genetic tools, we would like to understand what kind of hormones and receptors are involved in this system, how they work at the molecular level, and how such knowledge can be applied to develop new approaches to control animal development.

Awards Received

2009 Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists
2012 NIH Pathway to Independence Award (K99/R00)
2017 Pew Biomedical Scholar


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