College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences


Bradley Mullens

Bradley A. Mullens

Professor of Entomology

BS Agriculture/Animal Science 1976

University of Tennessee

MS Agricultural Biology (Entomology) 1979

University of Tennessee

PhD Entomology 1982

Cornell University

Research Areas

Integrated management of arthropod pests of animals, animal-ectoparasite interactions, epidemiology of vector-borne diseases

Contact Information
Entomology Bldg. 268
(951) 827-5800

Research Specialization- veterinary entomology. Research in my laboratory focuses on the biology, ecology, and integrated management of arthropod pests of livestock, poultry and wildlife. This includes study of arthropods which cause direct losses (northern fowl mites, horn flies, stable flies), those which do not directly affect production but cause serious nuisance problems associated with confinement operations (house flies and little house flies), and certain vectors of important pathogens such as bluetongue virus in ruminants (biting midges). Studies are diverse and primarily field-oriented, although we often conduct laboratory studies in support of field problems. Our recent studies address interactions between poultry and their ectoparasites, bluetongue epidemiology and Culicoides vector biology, and horn fly population biology as influenced by novel repellents.

Awards Received

2012- Award for Medical, Veterinary and Urban Entomology, Pacific Branch, Entomological Society of America

2011- Elected Fellow of the Entomological Society of America

2009- Recognition Award for contributions to agriculture, Entomological Society of America

2007- Elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society

2006-2005 - Royal Entomological Society (UK) award for best paper in the journal Medical and Veterinary Entomology

2005 - Lifetime Achievement Award in Veterinary Entomology

1998 - Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch, Integrated Pest Management Award


Selected Publications 

Mullens, B. A., D. Soto, C. D. Martin, B. L. Callaham and A. C. Gerry. 2011. Northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) control evaluations using liquid formulations of diatomaceous earth, kaolin, sulfur, azadirachtin, and Beauveria bassiana on caged laying hens. J. Appl. Poultry Res. 21: 111-116.

Martin, C. D. and B. A. Mullens. 2012. Housing and Dustbathing Effects on Northern Fowl Mites (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) and Chicken Body Lice (Menacanthus stramineus)on Hens. Med. Vet. Entomol. 26: 323-333.

Mayo, C. E., B. A. Mullens, A. C. Gerry, C. M. Barker, P. P. C. Mertens, S. Maan, N. Maan, I. A. Gardner, A. J. Guthrie and N. J. MacLachlan. 2012. The combination of abundance and infection rates of Culicoides sonorensis estimates risk of subsequent bluetongue virus infection of sentinel cattle on California dairy farms. Vet. Parasitol. 187: 295-301.

Gonzalez, M., S. Lopez, B. A. Mullens, T. Baldet and A. Goldarazena. 2013. A survey of Culicoides developmental sites on a farm in northern Spain, with a brief review of  immature habitats of European species. Vet. Parasitol. 91: 81-93.

Butler, S. M., R. D. Moon, N. C. Hinkle, J. G. Millar and J. S. McElfresh. 2013. Gonotrophic development and survival in field populations of Musca domestica (Diptera:Muscidae) at dairies in California, Minnesota and Georgia, and the relationship of fly age to relative abundance of (Z)-9-tricosene (muscalure). J. Med. Entomol. 50: 748-757.

Gryganskyi, A., R. A. Humber, J. E. Stajich, B. A. Mullens, I. M. Anishchenko and R. Vilgalys. 2013. Sequential utilization of hosts from different fly families by genetically distinct, sympatric populations within the Entomophthora muscae species complex. PLoS One 8: e71168.

Morag, N., B. A. Mullens and Y. Gottlieb. 2013. Assessment of survival and body size variation in Culicoides imicola (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) as a function of Cardinium (Bacteriodetes) infection. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 79: 6260-6263.

Soto, D., F. E. Fowler, B. A. Sandelin and B. A. Mullens. 2014. Face flies (Musca autumnalis)(Diptera: Muscidae) and the host-specific nematode Paraiotonchium autumnale(Tylenchida: Iotonchiidae) in southern California. J. Med. Entomol. 51: 288- 292.

Mayo C. E., C. J. Osborne, B. A. Mullens, A. C. Gerry, I. A. Gardner, W. K Reisen, C. M. Barker and N. J. MacLachlan. 2014. Seasonal Variation and Impact of Waste-Water Lagoons as Larval Habitat on the Population Dynamics of Culicoides sonorensis(Diptera:Ceratpogonidae) at Two Dairy Farms in Northern California. PLoS One 9: e89633

Halbritter, D. A. and B. A. Mullens. 2011. Responses of Ornithonyssus sylviarum (Acari: Macronyssidae) and Menacanthus stramineus (Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) to Gradients of Temperature, Light, and Humidity, with Comments on Microhabitat Selection on Chickens. J. Med. Entomol. 48: 251-261.

Chen, B. L., K. L. Haith and B. A. Mullens. 2011. Beak condition drives abundance and grooming-mediated competitive asymmetry in a poultry ectoparasite community.   Parasitol. 138: 748-757.

Mullens, B. A., B. L. Chen and J. P. Owen. 2010. Beak condition and cage density determine abundance and spatial distribution of northern fowl mites, Ornithonyssus sylviarum, and chicken body lice, Menacanthus stramineus, on caged laying hens. Poult. Sci. 89: 2565-2572.

Mohr, R. M., B. A. Mullens and A. C. Gerry. 2011. Diel patterns of female host-seeking, male swarming, and sugar feeding in the “canyon fly”, Fannia conspicua (Diptera: Muscidae) in southern California. J. Med. Entomol. 48: 188-195.

Mohr, R. M., B. A. Mullens and A. C. Gerry. 2011. Evaluation of ammonia, human sweat, and bovine blood as attractants for female “canyon fly”, Fannia conspicua (Diptera: Muscidae), in southern California. J. Vect. Ecol. (in press).

Lay, D. C., M. Fulton, P. Y. Hester, D. M. Karcher, J. Kjaer, J. A. Mench|, B. A. Mullens,  R. C. Newberry, C. J. Nicol, N. P. O’Sullivan, and R. E. Porter2010. Hen welfare in different housing systems. Poult. Sci. 36: 55-58.

Butler, S. M. and B. A. Mullens. 2010. Adult house fly, Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) activity and age of females near varying levels of (Z)-9-tricosene on a southern California dairy. J. Econ. Entomol. (103: 1929-1936).

 Mullens, B. A., A. C. Gerry, V. Sarto i Monteys, M. Pinna and A. Gonzalez. 2010. Field    studies on Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) activity and response to deltamethrin applications to sheep in northeastern Spain. J. Med. Entomol. 47: 106-110.

 Mullens, B. A., A. C. Gerry and A. N. Diniz. 2010. Field and laboratory trials of a novel metaflumizone house fly (Diptera: Muscidae) bait in California. J. Econ. Entomol. 103: 550-556.

 Mullens, B. A., W. R. Reifenrath and S. M. Butler. 2009. Laboratory trials of fatty acids as repellents or antifeedants against house flies, horn flies, and stable flies (Diptera: Muscidae). Pest Mgmt. Sci. 65: 1360-1366.

Gerry, A. C., V. Sarto I Monteys, J.-O. Moreno Vidal, O. Francino and B. A. Mullens. 2009. Biting Rates of Culicoides Midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) on Sheep in      Northeastern Spain in Relation to Midge Capture using UV Light and Carbon Dioxide Baited Traps. J. Med. Entomol. 46: 615-624.

Butler, S. M., R. D. Moon, N. C. Hinkle, J. G. Millar, J. S. McElfresh and B. A. Mullens. 2009. Characterization of age and cuticular hydrocarbon variation in mating pairs of house fly, Musca domestica, collected in the field. Med. Vet. Entomol. 23: 426-442. 

Owen, J.P., M.E. Delaney, C.J. Cardona, A. A. Bickford and B.A Mullens. 2009. Host inflammatory response governs fitness in an avian ectoparasite, the northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum). Int. J. Parasitol. 39: 789-799.

Mullens, B. A., J. P. Owen, D. R. Kuney, C. E. Szijj and K. A. Klingler Temporal changes in distribution, prevalence and intensity of northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum)parasitism in commercial caged laying hens, with a comprehensive economic analysis of parasite impact. Vet. Parasitol. 160: 116-133.

Mullens, B. A., Sarto I Monteys, V. and Przhboro, A. A. 2008. Mermithid parasitism in the Ceratopogonidae: A literature review and critical assessment of host impact and potential for biological control. Russian Entomol. J. 17: 87-113. 

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Mullens, B. A., K._S. Lii, Y. Mao, J. A. Meyer, N. G. Peterson and C. E. Szijj. 2006. 
Behavioural responses of dairy cattle to the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans, in an open field environment. Med. Vet. Entomol. 20: 122-137. 

Mullens, B. A., C. J. Cardona, L. McClellan, C. E. Szijj and J. P. Owen. 2006. Culicoides 
 as a vector of Haemoproteus lophortyx to quail in California, USA. Vet. 
Parasitol. 140: 35-43. 

Mullens, B. A. and A. C. Gerry. 2006. Life history and seasonal abundance of canyon flies (Fannia benjamini complex)(Diptera: Muscidae) in southern California. J. Med. Entomol. 43: 192-199. 

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