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Fiscal 2013-2014 News

  • Mark Hoddle of the Center for Invasive Species made six trips to Pakistan to bring back tiny tamarixia radiata, the psyllid's natural enemy. See More
  • As we move from an agrarian society to an urban one, we have had to take an increasing interest in arthropods, both beneficial and harmful, in our urban environment.  These arthropods include cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and ants.  Hence, the growing field of “urban entomology,” which focuses on the study of insects and other arthropods, such as spiders, affecting people and their property.

    But what is the latest research on bed bugs? On termites?  What are some low-impact methods for controlling ants? And what are some new invasive cockroach pests in California?

    The public has the opportunity to get the answers to these and other questions pertinent to urban entomology at the 23rd annual UC Riverside Urban Pest Management Conference on March 25. See more.
  • Six Faculty Members Named to UCR Academy of Distinguished Teachers. The newcomers are all past recipients of major campus teaching awards and were selected by the current members of the academy. Joining the 10-member academy is our Professor Timothy D. Paine (Entomology). See more
  • DR. JOCELYN MILLAR is a professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). He is internationally known for his research on insect chemical ecology, and the development of applications for insect semiochemicals and related compounds. See More
  • An international team of researchers, including an entomologist at the University of California, Riverside, has an explanation for why we see so many hybrid moths in nature. See more
  • Entomologist Marshall Johnson, an extension specialist and researcher at the University of California, Riverside, has received the Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award from the International Organization for Biological Control — Nearctic Regional Section (IOBC-NRS). See more
  • Dr. John LaSalle was a graduate in the 1980's, who has had an impressive career in systematics (Natural History Museum in London, and then CSIRO in Australia). Earlier this year he became Director of the Atlas of Living Australia. See More
  • Entomologists at the University of California, Riverside have produced a clearer snapshot of the entire evolutionary history of assassin bugs by integrating molecular, paleontological, behavioral and ecological data into their analyses. See More
  • Entomologist John Trumble, from UC Riverside, says warmer temperatures are making a pest of potatoes and tomatoes more abundant in California. See More
  • A research team that includes John Trumble, a distinguished professor of entomology at the University of California, Riverside, has won the Integrated Pest Management Team Award from the Entomological Foundation, a national organization that aims to educate young people about science through insects. 
  • Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, the award “recognizes the successful efforts of a small collaborative work team approach to pest control.”  Trumble and the other members of the team will receive the award — an inscribed statue — on Nov. 12 in Knoxville, Tenn., during the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America. See More
  • RIVERSIDE, Calif. — How are chemical pesticides impacting honey bees? How can the spread of the deadly Asian citrus psyllid be controlled by a wasp, its natural enemy? Could the olive fruit fly be similarly controlled? How could oils control snails and bugs? And what exactly is the Bagrada bug? Entomologists from the University of California, Riverside will address these and many other bug-related questions at a conference on Sept. 19 at the South Coast Winery Resort and Spa, 34843 Rancho California Road, Temecula, Calif. See more
  • RIVERSIDE: Entomological Society of America honors professor Joseph Morse, professor of entomology at UC Riverside, is one of only 10 new fellows elected by the Entomological Society of America in 2012. See more
  • A plant pathologist at the University of California, Riverside has identified a fungus that has been linked to the branch dieback and general decline of several backyard avocado and landscape trees in residential neighborhoods of Los Angeles County. See more

    Entomologists at the University of California, Riverside have a “proof of concept” that selenium, a nonmetal chemical element, can disrupt the foraging behavior and survival of honey bees. See More

  • A research team led by Alexander Raikhel, a distinguished professor of entomology at the University of California, Riverside, has received a five-year $2.8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the molecular basis of hormonal regulation of mosquito reproduction. See more.
  • The expertise of entomologists at the University of California, Riverside has a worldwide impact, with researchers tracking down the natural enemy of the Asian citrus psyllid in Pakistan, identifying insecticidal fungi to control katydids in Papua New Guinea, suppressing the cottony cushion scale in the Galapagos Islands, and collecting red palm weevils in Southeast Asia – to name just a few research projects.
  • Now Thomas Miller, a professor of entomology and a Jefferson Science Fellow, will travel to Rwanda, Africa, to help solve a mystery surrounding the country’s specialty coffee sector – a sector that accounts for 26 percent of the country’s agricultural exports. See more
  • Researchers, including bee expert P. Kirk Visscher, have found a signal in honey bees, overlooked until now, that plays a role when the bees split off from their mother colony and go scouting for a new home.  Called the “stop signal,” it is a very short buzz delivered by a scout bee while butting her head against a dancing honey bee, and bears similarity to signals that occur between neurons in complex brains making decisions. See More
  • A team of scientists from the University of California, Riverside recently rediscovered the rarest species of bumblebee in the United States, last seen in 1956, living in the White Mountains of south-central New Mexico. See More.
  • Why flies love beer.  Anupama Dahanukar, Assistant Professor of Entomology, has discovered the key ingredient, as reported in Nature Neuroscience...see more.  More on the story, click here.
  • Rapid Evolution Within Single Crop-growing Season Increases Insect Pest Numbers. See More
  • An entomologist couple, Dr. Mark Hoddle and Christina Hoddle,  at UC Riverside travel the world searching for parasites to counter imported pests. Hunting for good bugs to fight bad. See more
  • We are pleased to announce that Beth Grafton-Cardwell has agreed to lead the Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases initiative.
  • For his outstanding contributions to entomology, Bradley Mullens, has been elected a fellow of the prestigious Entomological Society of America (ESA), the largest organization in the world serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and people in related disciplines. Congratulations! See more
  • New Findings by UC Riverside Scientists Hold Big Promise for Fight Against Mosquito-borne Diseases. See more
  • CBS News discusses Dr. Mark Hoddle's work on red palm weevil. See more.
  • Also, please join us in congratulating Tim Paine and Joe Morse for their recent awards from the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America. Tim received the Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, and Joe received the Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management.
  • The National Research Council ranked UC Riverside's doctoral program exceptionally high and among the very best in the United States. Click here to learn more about how UCR and the Department fared in these important national rankings.
  • Thomas Miller and Bob Krieger are among the ten researchers at the University of California, Riverside named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read more.
  • Alexander Raikhel's lab has identified a key microRNA in female dengue - spreading mosquitoes that when deactivated disrupts the mosquito's blood digestion and egg development - a discovery that could help control the spread of not only dengue and yellow fever, but potentially all vector-borne diseases. See more...
  • The recent sequencing and mapping of the Culex mosquito genome is the latest in a long line of research that has established UC Riverside's entomology program as one of the best in the world. See more...
  • UC Riverside geneticists have sequenced the genome of Culex quinquefasciatus, the mosquito that spreads West Nile virus.  With the availability of this sequence, scientists can now target specific Culex genes that are involved in the transmission of West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis, lymphatic filariasis and other diseases spread by the Culex group of mosquitoes. See more...
  • On September 17th Professor Ring Cardé presented the inaugural lecture in the Jerry B. Graves Distinguished Seminar Series in the Department of Entomology at Louisiana State University.  The topic of his talk was "Of moths and mosquitoes: parallel strategies for navigation to an odor-linked resource."
  • Thomas Miller, Professor of Entomology, is one of only ten new fellows elected this year to the Entomological Society of America. See more…
  • Congratulations to Jennifer Henke!  Jennifer has been selected as the recipient of the IOBC/NRS Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award for 2010.
  • Douglas Yanega, Senior Museum Scientist, received a three-year NSF grant to digitize and consolidate nearly one million specimen records from ten bee collections across the United States. See more…
  • Mark Hoddle is helping with surveys for avocado seed moth in Peru.  See more…
  • Brian Federici received a five-year grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases See more…
  • 2010 - ESA IPM Team Awards - Michael Rust, Les Greenberg, John Klotz (Emeritus), and Donald Reierson. Elizabeth Grafton-Cardwell was awarded the 2010 ESA Recognition Award in Entomology.
  • Ms. Kim Hung receives a highly competitive NSF graduate research fellowship, more details.
  • Chris Wheeler in Ring Carde's lab received Honorable Mention on his NSF graduate research fellowship application.
  • Thomas Miller, an internationally recognized expert at the University of California, Riverside on insect physiology, toxicology, and genetics, has been chosen by the U.S. Department of State to receive a 2010-2011 Jefferson Science Fellowship. Miller is one of only ten persons selected for the fellowships this year. More...
  • A research team led by Mark Hoddle, recently assessed the biocontrol of the cottony cushion scale in the Galapagos Islands, and concluded that the project was a major success. details
  • Robert Luck, a professor of entomology at the University of
    California, Riverside, has received the California Citrus Quality Council's prestigious Albert G. Salter Memorial Award for "his enthusiastic and innovative applied research in citrus entomology."
  • The Department of Entomology will hosted the 19th annual Urban Pest Management Conference.
  • Bert Hölldobler, one of the world’s great ant experts and Foundation Professor of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, gave the 2010 Alfred M. Boyce Lecture.
  • For his outstanding contributions to the discipline of chemical ecology, Ring Cardé, a distinguished professor..... details
  • Three entomologists at the University of California, Riverside have won awards from the Entomological Society of America (ESA).......
  • Distinguished Professors Brian Federici and Alexander Raikhel selected as Fellows of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) details
  • Assistant Professor Anand Ray and Graduate Student Stephanie Turner have published a paper in Nature (Advance online, Aug. 26). Applications of the research include prevention of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne diseases details (also see Scientific American, NY Times, Press-Enterprise, Science News, Boston Globe, Health News, OHS, and The Hindu )
  • Professor Joseph Morse discusses re-emergence of Mediterranean fruit fly. details...
  • Associate Professor Greg Walkerresearches insect vectoring details...
  • Professor Mike Rustbriefs the 22nd World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology (WAAVP), Calgary, Canada on the efficacy of imidacloprid against fleas details...
  • Departmental alumus interviewed about medical maggots details...

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