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Dong-Hwan Choeucr entomology

Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor
Location: Entomology 382
Tel: (951) 827-5717
E-mail: donghwan.choe@ucr.edu

Research Specialization

My research focuses on three major areas: urban entomology, insect behavior, and chemical ecology. In particular, my research has focused on exploring innate and learned behaviors of economically or environmentally important insect species to develop more effective integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

I use manipulative laboratory studies to investigate how the behaviors of pest insects can be exploited to improve management and to develop novel management techniques. I also use field studies to test the feasibility of these new techniques in real-world conditions. I draw upon my expertise in behavioral ecology, experimental design, chemical ecology and analytical chemistry to illuminate the biology of target insects, and to inform the design of new approaches for control. In addition to the bioassays involving chemistry, physiology, behavior, and toxicology, the effort to incorporate the behavioral information of target species into the working IPM program often requires extensive design, manufacturing, and testing of devices in the field. To meet these goals, I work with other researchers especially from industries and other academic disciplines when possible.

Subjects of current work include necrophoresis of ants, development of new control strategy for pest ants, bed bug detection and control, and development of web-based resource for urban pest management. 



BA Agriculture 2002

     Korea University

MS Entomology 2005

     University of California, Riverside

PhD Entomology 2009

     University of California, Riverside




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