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Alec Gerry

Alec Gerry

Professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist

BA Biological Sciences 1990

University of California, Berkeley

PhD Medical & Veterinary Entomology 1999

University of California, Riverside

Research Areas

Biology, ecology, and management of pest and vector insects associated with animals

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Contact Information
Entomology 367
(951) 827-7054

Pest arthropods and disease vectors pose very serious problems to animal agriculture, often resulting in substantial economic losses for producers. Pest arthropods often impact the growth or productivity of animals due to the constant aggravation caused by their feeding on or annoyance to animals. In addition, diseases transmitted by vector arthropods may result in mortality or morbidity of infected animals. Arthropod pests associated with confined animal operations are also problematic when they exist in numbers great enough to pose a nuisance to agricultural workers or to nearby residential neighborhoods. Research and extension efforts in my laboratory are focused on the biology, ecology, and integrated management of pest arthropods and disease vectors associated with animal agriculture.  The long-term objective of my laboratory is to improve integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for the control of pest and vector arthropods on animal operations. Chemical control of pest arthropods on animal operations is becoming more difficult, as loss of chemical products and increasing arthropod resistance are reducing the number of chemical options. A fresh look at non-chemical management techniques is sorely needed. We are interested in developing novel strategies to reduce the production and dispersal of arthropod pests and disease vectors associated with animal agriculture. Studies conducted are field oriented with results that can be immediately applied by the animal agriculture industry. My laboratory also has an interest in developing a better understanding of the role arthropods play in the persistence and transmission of animal pathogens. While arthropods are well known vectors of many animal pathogens, their involvement in the maintenance, dispersal, and transmission of other animal pathogens has been postulated but not demonstrated (e.g. exotic Newcastle disease virus). To provide appropriate disease control recommendations, the importance of arthropod involvement to pathogen transmission must be known relative to other means of pathogen transmission. Recent research in the laboratory has focused on the dispersal of nuisance flies from confined animal operations. As the rural-urban interface increases (with decreasing buffer zones), fly dispersal from animal operations continues to result in nuisance to neighboring residential communities. Although animal operations generally existed before urban encroachment, producers are increasingly being blamed for failure to control nuisance flies. We hope to develop a better understanding of fly dispersal behavior in order to mitigate their dispersal into neighboring communities.  


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