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Financial Support for Graduate Students

Funding Availability and Consideration

Most of our Entomology Ph.D. students are offered 5-year funding packages at UCR.  This offer can vary depending on the student’s file, their research experience, and their interest in particular areas of research, etc. Funding to students comes from various sources such as research grants to the major professor, research grants to the student, Graduate Division fellowships, Entomology Department support, and teaching assistantships.

Limited funding is available to support graduate students applying to UCR Entomology for the M.S. degree. In some cases, a student may have part or all of their own funding OR a major professor may have support for an M.S. student. Thus, we suggest well-qualified students (GRE >1100; GPA last two years >3.25; and 3 good letters of support and/or evidence of research experience) with a B.A. or B.S. degree apply to the Ph.D. program at UCR. All applicants are automatically considered for support.

Please click on the following for more information on:

Targeted fellowships/scholarships you can apply for as you apply to graduate school at UCR

Department Scholarships that qualified students may apply for AFTER entering the Entomology graduate program

Graduate Division Awards you available after you advance to candidacy - These are available only after you pass your Qualifying Exams, which are normally taken at the end of Year 2.

Additional information from Graduate Division on Fees, Fellowships & Opportunities for Financial Assistance

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