Department of Entomology

M.S. Degree

M.S. Program in Entomology


The M.S. program in Entomology will produce graduates who:

1. Have comprehensive knowledge of the factual information, theoretical principles, and methodological approaches in the core areas of subcellular-cellular disciplines, suborganismal-organismal disciplines, and supraorganismal disciplines in the entomological sciences; are able to apply knowledge of these core areas to address complex problems in the entomological sciences.

Assessment Methods: Assignments and examinations in the core course sequence ENTM 201, ENTM 202, and ENTM 203; ENTM 250


2. Are able to (1) critically read, understand, and evaluate scholarly literature; (2) integrate and synthesize ideas; (3) identify and evaluate novel and relevant research questions; (4) develop appropriate and effective research strategies; (5) communicate clearly and effectively.

Assessment Methods: Research prospectus presentation to the Thesis Committee; annual presentation at Student Seminar Day; annual 2-credit seminars (ENTM 250-series 2-credit seminars)


3. Are able to (1) apply appropriate, responsible, and ethical research methods; (2) evaluate, analyze, and interpret evidence; (3) develop and sustain evidence-based arguments; (4) convey findings clearly and effectively; (5) identify broader implications of findings; (6) produce publishable results.

Assessment Methods: Annual progress reports; Student Seminar Day presentations; thesis defense


4. Are able to produce acceptable results within reasonable timeframes.

Assessment Method: Degree conferral within 1 year of normative time of two years


5. Are capable professionals.

Assessment Methods: Conference presentations, fellowship and grant awards, publications, reviewer activities, job placement


6. Are satisfied graduates.

Assessment Method: Exit interview

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