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Research Specialization - Identification and movement of pesticides and other chemical residues from environmental compartments to children and adults. Indoor, turf, and agricultural settings have been included. In agriculture this research has supported development of exposure-based field entry times, as opposed to adverse effect based entry times that were extensively used prior to implementation of the risk assessment process. Effective entry times require accurate human pesticide exposure data and clear definition of work tasks so that short-term and long-term exposures can be considered. We will continue to investigate the relationship between surface chemical exposures including dislodgeable foliar and surface residues on turf or agricultural crops or indoor pesticide residues in homes. Transfer and human bioavailability of residues will be studied by urine biomonitoring. We expect to explore chemical transferability of chemical residues with respect to chemical (active ingredients as well as spray adjuvants) as well as from physical characteristics (absorption, particularly cuticular waxiness in the case of plants and nylon carpets).


BS Chemistry/Biology 1967
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
PhD Ins.Toxicology. Ins. Chemistry, Bio-Chem, Physiology 1970
Cornell University


2006 - Entomological Society of America Pacfic Branch, Distinguished Award in Extension
2005 - Society of Toxicology Public Communications Award
2005 - American Chemical Society International Award for Research in Agrochemicals
2004-2005 - Non-Senate Distinguished Research Award
1998 - Centinela Chapter Research Award, California Association of Nurserymen

Research Area

Extension toxicology Human chemical encounters Chemical risk assessment 


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